Single Trail 4UP Super RFS Rack - 4 Bike Swinging Rack With Super Swingarm - Black


Single Trail 4UP Super RFS Rack - 4 Bike Swinging Rack With Super Swingarm - Black


Our RFS Rack comes with full access to the rear of your vehicle!

All Racks now Black Powder Coat – Heavy Duty, Scratch Resistant, Salt Spray Tested

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Single Trail for Life Warranty

The Single Trail Racks 4 bike shuttle rack with a super heavy duty Super Swingarm is the largest hitch-mounted bike carrier in our range for transporting and shuttling up to 4x E-Bikes and 24″ to 29″ wheel bikes. Release the latch to gain easy access to the rear of your vehicle with or without bikes on.  BONUS – no reduction to bike carrying capacity.

Single Trail Racks product inclusions icon

Product Inclusions

– 4 bike Single Trail RFS Rack with our Super Swingarm

Single Trail number plate board.

– Anti-Rattle Tools: Breaker Bar, 250mm socket extension, 18mm socket

(optional Garage Stand in images not included)

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The Single Trail RFS 4 bike tilting shuttle rack - advanced shuttling with zero bike damage.

We're putting to bed the painful expectation of shuttle damage with the most advanced 4 bike vertical rack - anywhere. Access your boot with or without bikes on with the Super Swingarm.

World's Fastest Loading Upright Bike Rack

Global Pat. Pending Innovations

The new Single Trail Racks 4 bike vertical shuttle rack with the NEW Super Swingarm is an advanced hitch-mounted upright rack. The Single Trail RFS Rack combats common top tube, crank, and wheel damage caused by shuttling through several world-first innovations.

Its well-considered design results from painstaking engineering and countless refinements so you can confidently drive in rough terrain while safely protecting up to 4 bikes. Now is the time that bike transport technology caught up to the mountain bike industry, and this is the rack that’s done it!

Key Rack Features

Single Trail Racks - integrated anti-wobble feature icon

Integrated Anti-wobble

Our innovative, built-in mechanism for a true, rattle-free connection to your car.

Single Trail Racks electro-plating icon - zinc electro-plating for superior weather resistance.

Heavy Duty Powder Coat

A premium method of weather-proofing your rack against the elements.

Single Trail Racks 4-position tilting pivot icon - a foot-activated tilting system

Super Swingarm

Our new, Super Swingarm gives you easy access to your boot or tray without reducing carrying capacity.

Single Trail Racks - Rope Fastening System (RFS) icon - anchoring bikes to the vertical bike rack.

Rope Fastening System

Our single-point attachment for super-quick loading and zero bike-bungee.

Single Trail Racks E-bike friendly design icon

Full E-bike Compatibility

Fragile components are engineered to accommodate the bulkier load of E-bikes.

Single Trail Racks expandable design icon - a small ring spanner

Single Trail for Life

A limited lifetime warranty that gives you confidence in what you buy.

Rough shuttling without damage to your 4 bikes.

The Single Trail Racks 4 bike vertical rack resolves bike to bike contact and eliminates rack wobble to keep 4 bikes safe on your vertical rack, even on the roughest shuttle road. Any existing rack play between the trailer hitch and rack sleeve is amplified along the length of the rack and into your bikes. So we eliminate the tolerance with Single Trails Racks’ world-first innovation, the integrated anti-wobble mechanism.

Extra-wide 350mm spacing between bikes also separates each bike, keeping handlebars and brake levers away from top tubes.

Say goodbye to bike bungee and ride more with ultra-quick loading and unloading.

We’ve kept bike loading and unloading fast and simple with a single-point attachment so you spend more time on your bike. Our Rope Fastening System (RFS) attachment anchors to your crank, cancelling out bike wobble and avoiding damage to your crank arm.

And given that our marine rope has limited elasticity, your bike stays in place without the bungee effect that’s experienced when using elastics to hold your bike in place.

Simple, safe, and secure.

Access your the rear of your car, ute or van without sacrificing carrying capacity.

Accessing the rear of your vehicle is easy with our Super Swingarm. It’s another super clever, heavy duty Single-Trail innovation that’s simple to operate and reliably locks in place.

The new Super Swingarm has been subjected to the most rigorous testing we’ve ever put a component through. And it has passed with flying colours. We’ve built it so you can confidently carry all your bikes while having easy access to the rear of any vehicle.

Simple and dependable.

E-bike happy shuttle rack.

Whether you’re carrying weight-conscious carbon enduro bikes or cumbersome E-bikes, we’ve got your back. Each wheel basket has been engineered to carry up to 30kg per bike, the critical component in the rack’s integrity.  So load up and travel in confidence.

Heavy Duty, Salt Spray Tested, Black Powder Coat.

Along with the rest of our rack, we use the highest quality Black Powder Coat available.  The textured finish not only looks good but provides your rack with a heavy duty, scratch resistant finish.  The Powder Coat we’ve chosen has been Salt Spray tested to withstand the many and varied conditions Australia has to offer to riders. 


Single Trail Racks weight icon

Rack Weight


Single Trail Racks bike loading icon

Bike Capacity

4 bikes

Single Trail Racks 50mm box hitch icon

Hitch Mount

50mm Trailer hitch

Single Trail Racks 24" to 29" wheel size icon

Wheel Size

24" to 29" Compatible


Single Trail Racks anti-wobble mechanism icon


Built-in shake arrest.

Single Trail Racks 4-position tilting pivot icon

Super Swingarm

Integrated tilting pivot.

Single Trail Racks Rope Fastening System icon

Rope Fastening System

No frame contact, no elasticity.

Single Trail Racks tool icon

Single Trail For LIfe

Have confidence with a limited lifetime warranty

Single Trail Racks Rope icon

Marine Rope

SIngle-point, high-strength marine rope attachment.

Single Trail Racks electro-plating icon

Black Powder Coat

Salt spray tested, heavy duty black powder coat.

Single Trail Racks E bike friendly icon

E-bike Friendly

Rated to 30kg limit per bike and 150kg max total.

Single Trail Racks integrated lock mount icon

E-bike Friendly

Integrated lock mount.

Single Trail Racks australia made and owned icon

Australian Made

Australian made, designed, and owned.


Single Trail Racks weight icon2

Shipped Weight

56kg gross

Single Trail Racks package icon

Shipped Boxes

4 boxes

Box 1

L x W x D

Box 2

L x W x D

Box 3

L x W x D

Box 4

L x W x D

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Single Trail 4UP Super RFS Rack - 4 Bike Swinging Rack With Super Swingarm - Black