Single Trail Number Plate Board

Attach your Single Trail Bike Rack number plate board to your bikes for road safety compliance.

All vehicle number plates must be clearly displayed when using public roads. Avoid hefty fines with our simple number plate board.

A bike rack number plate is imperative when travelling to and from your bike riding adventures when using your vertical rack. Any obstruction of your vehicle’s number plate or traffic signals makes a bike rack plate or number plate light board mandatory.

Ensure your number plate is clearly visible from 20 metres with our clever, inexpensive solution.

– Sturdy steel backplate.
– Elasticised toggles secure around your bike’s wheel without damaging the rim or rim decals.
– Bike rack number plate size.

For driving at night or for our larger 4-bike, 5-bike, or 6-bike racks, we recommend our Number Plate Light Board. The wider racks are more likely to obstruct your taillights.

Single Trail Number Plate Board