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Damage less, ride more.
innovative vertical bike racks that protect your Loved ones.

Our vertical bike rack development approach - destroy, improve, repeat. The Single Trail Rack is now a world-leading rack that protects your beloved bikes from damage on the roughest road.

We’ve taken traditional upright bike racks, field-tested them to destruction, then re-engineered. Rinse and repeat. Each cycle of development presented new challenges. But it’s all boiled down to a superior hitch-mounted bike rack that’s full of clever, innovative features that are massively effective.

Our new Single Trail RFS Rack leads the shuttle rack charge, eradicating excessive play and zeroing out bike-to-bike contact. Add our new, single-point attachment system (RFS) that anchors your bike in its cradle with one swift move, and you’ve got a carefree riding trip, safe bikes, and more time riding.

Simple and rapid loading. No shuttle damage. Better road trips.

Our NEW Single Trail RFS Vertical Bike Rack.

Leading rack design through dedicated engineering and world-first innovation. Learn why the Single Trail Rack is the world's foremost trailer hitch mounted upright bike rack.

Embracing a test, rinse and repeat cycle of bike rack development (ie. destroy), we’ve produced a rack design that incorporates numerous world-first features, effectively removing traditional shuttle woes.

Our 50mm trailer hitch-mounted upright rack is a bike transport solution that is born out of a need to shuttle mountain bikes safely. Shuttle roads are rough and the bikes being shuttled are often more expensive than the car carrying them.

Therefore, the primary focus of our rack is to cleverly minimise both the movement of the rack itself and your bikes on the rack. Through a long list of modification and redesign phases, several key features of our RFS rack make it the world’s most innovative and advanced bike rack.

Single Trail Racks 6 bike vertical bike rack mounted in 50mm trailer hitch loaded with 6 people's bikes.

Key Rack Features

Several unique features of the Single Trail RFS Rack that put shuttling headaches to bed...

Single Trail Racks - integrated anti-wobble feature icon

Integrated Anti-wobble

This is one of those trailer-hitch features that everyone has a bandaid for but no-one's nailed. Until now.

We’ve canned bandaid solutions with our truly integrated anti-shake mechanism. A built-in wedge, of sorts, that adjusts to squeeze out every last millimetre of excess space from your trailer hitch. The force created by tensioning your anti-shake device with a simple ring spanner (included) demolishes any existing sway out of your vertical rack.

One of our internationally patented innovations. A huge win for the protection of your bikes.

Single Trail Racks Rope Fastening System (RFS) attaches your bike to your vertical rack with a single, extremely reliable attachment point.
Single Trail Racks - Rope Fastening System (RFS) icon - anchoring bikes to the vertical bike rack.

Rope Fastening System

Marine-grade rope holds fast at 1.7ton load for bike to rack fusion. Secure against bike bungee injuries.

Our RFS racks all anchor your bikes securely with the simple, yet extremely effective, rope fastening system. A patented design that attaches to your drive-side crank around your pedal. An extremely robust point of contact and a rebound-free system that stops your bikes bouncing.

That means that your bike becomes one with the rack. And when on rough shuttle roads, your bike doesn’t go on adrenaline-inspiring bungees.

Single Trail Racks 4-position tilting pivot icon - a foot-activated tilting system

Self-Locking V3 Pivot

Our redesigned, pedal-activated tilt provides effortless access to your car boot and assists with loading.

The Single Trail Racks’ redesigned Version-3 tilting pivot provides access to your boot or tray and easily fits a range of vehicles. Our self-locking pivot is an innovative tool-free system that is unlocked by foot. Tilt your vertical rack away from your boot or tray whilst still mounted to your 50mm trailer hitch. The V3 pivot is an integrated feature of our RFS tilting racks.

Our pivot makes it easy to get into your boot without the need to undo any bolts or pins.

Single Trail Racks V3 pivot image - our redesigned pivot further enhances the strength and ease of use of your vertical bike rack.
Single Trail Racks rebuildable and expandable vertical bike rack - wheel baskets and top bar are removable to replace or for expansion to carry more bikes.
Single Trail Racks expandable design icon - a small ring spanner

Expandable & Repairable

Repair your rack or increase your bike carrying capacity with our rack's modular design.

Your investment in a Single Trail Rack should last you through thick and thin. The Single Trail Racks’ modular design means you can increase the size of your bike riding family, or repair it if gets damaged. Both the upper and lower bars unbolt and can be upgraded, as well as additional wheel baskets can be added.

Go ahead, grow your family and your rack along with it!

Single Trail Racks electro-plating icon - zinc electro-plating for superior weather resistance.

Electro-plated Bisalloy

Metal this beautiful deserves to be in the raw. Take premium Australian steel and weatherproof using leading industrial zinc electro-plating for our buff gold finish.

We strongly believe that a premium quality product can only be produced out of premium quality materials. And if we’re using top-grade products, why not show them off??

There’s a growing awareness in the bike industry of the quality of a component’s material and its machining. Bike companies are starting to wise up to the beauty of raw industrial aesthetics that we’ve embraced. A defining feature of the Single Trail Racks.

We use Australia’s top-quality steel in the high load-bearing components of our racks. An engineer’s wet dream. They deserve to be shown off!

Single Trail Racks Zinc Electro-plated finish on high-quality Bisalloy steel makes for a beautiful, weatherproof bike rack.
Single Trail Racks designed to carry E-bikes at up to 25kg per bike - Scott Ransom E bike happily nestled on our rack. E-Bike friendly bike rack.
Single Trail Racks E-bike friendly design icon

E-Bike Friendly

E-Bikes need love too. They're cumbersome, so we've developed a hugely robust upright rack to please them all.

The future is electric and we’d be amiss to believe otherwise. E-bikes are here and now and they do need to be catered to when developing a bike rack to carry multiple bikes. Enhanced loading is exerted onto wheel baskets, the pivot, and the trailer hitch sleeve.

We use leading materials in the pivot and hitch sleeve mentioned above and large, robust wheel baskets that don’t rely on welds. So you can carry a full load of E-bikes on your rack in confidence.

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